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Party-San 2017 Preview
Party-San 2017 Preview
Party.San Metal Open Air – Airfield Obermehler Schlotheim 2017
The Gate of Hell will be open again on 10. – 12. August 2017, The Biggest Extreme Metal Fest, time for all of the metalhead from around the world will be joined again at Airfield Obermehler Schlotheim. This one is one you will not want to miss! an explosive mix of bands from around the world.
PartySan has been providing all visitors with a proper dose Extreme Metal, The event will mainly Death Metal, Black Metal, Thrash Metal, Doom, and Grindcore, which providing most great Line-up every year, some of the band are Are regular guests, and a lot a newcomer band, also a band are cancelled last.
Of course, your physical well-being is also taken care of. In addition to countless foodstuffs, where their delicious hot food at fair prices gets. In addition to beer and non-alcoholic drinks, you will be provided with Cuban freedom at Cuba Libre. Another tradition is the Brutz & Brakel stand, where you will be served by the boys and girls with fresh delicious cocktails. also, there a huge shopping mile, where you can cover up with plates, shirts, and patches, also a lot more thing don\’t be missing.
Billing so far
Abbath | Nuclear Winter | Autopsy | Azarath | Candlemass | Cryptopsy | Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult | Demolition Hammer | Disaster | God Dethroned | Good | Hades Almighty | Kringa | Mantar| Marduk | Misthyrming | Morbid Angel | Mourning Beloveth | Necrophobic | Night Demon | Overkill | Possessed | Ultha | Urfaust | Vader | Vigilance | Vital Remains
About the line up Will be updated soon
More Info:

See you soon at Airfield Obermehler Schlotheim, PartySan 2017