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Metaldays 2017 Preview

Metaldays 2017

After my experience, from last year and that was my first time at Metaldays it was amazing Festival. Relax and friendly atmosphere which amazing location in the middle of nature surrounded by mountain and beautiful of Soca river. Perfect to enjoy the Metal Music which you holiday feeling. The festival venue is located at Sotocje, which lies in between the two mountain rivers called Tolminka and Soca.
This year will be the 5th anniversary of MetalDays, more that 110 bands from Thrash Metal, Black Metal, Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Grindcore. This year Metaldays also get something a new, which 3rd stage and also the first time start selling 3-days and 1-day tickets and dedicated fully to newcomer bands.

The line-up of the MetalDays 2017, July 23.-29 in Tolmin, Slovenia

Abbath, ABSU, Amon Amarth, Amorgen, Angelus Apatrida, Architects, Aversions Crown, Aaven, Battlesword, Batushka, Beheaded, Blood Ages, Bloodbath, Blues Pills, Bömbers, Botanist, Burn Fuse, Cancer, Carnage Calligraphy, Carrion, Centuries, Chontaraz, Crisix, Dead End, Death Angel, Dool, Dordeduh, Doro, Ebony Archways, Equilibrium, Evil Invaders, Fallen Tyrant, Fir Bolg, Firespawn, Firtan, Fit for an Autopsy, For I am King, Fractal Universe, Grand Magus, Grave Digger, Greybeards, Grime, Gust, Gutalax, Heaven Shall Burn, Hell, Hellcrawler, Iced Earth, Immorgon, In the Crossfire, Infected Chaos, Kadavar, Katana, Katatonia, Kobra and the Lotus, Krisiun, Lik, Loathe, Lost Society, Loudness, Macabre, Marilyn Manson, MGLA, Moros, Morywa, Mynded, Myriad Lights, Na Cruithne, Nemost, Nord, Novacrow, Omophagia, Opeth, Ortega, Overtures, Pain, Pain Is, Pantaleon, Persefone, Pikes Edge, Rapid Force, Raven, Rectal Smegma, Reverend Hound, Sanctuary, Sasquatch, Selfmachine, Seven Spires, Shining, Shotdown, Sinister, Sleepers\’ Guilt, Snake Eater, Sober Assault, Sólstafir, Spasm, Srd, Stortregn, Suicidal Angels, Tears of Martyr, The Black Court, The Crawling, The Foreshadowing, The Great Discord, Transceatla, Triosphere, Turbowarrior of Steel, Tyrmfar, Tytus, Vasectomy, Venom inc., Vexevoid, Vision of Atlantis, Warbringer, Whorion, Witchfynde, Xandria, Zayn
Looking forward of Metaldays 2017 and see you soon in Tolmin on July!
More info
Line Up: Check out the running order of all the bands, including the New Forces stage here:
Ticket: If you do not have a ticket, you should have a quick access, because the Metaldays moves faster than ever in the \”sold out. Around 3500 tickets left at the moment, so make sure you get yours in time.
Camping: If you are the first time go to MetalDays and don\’t know yet about where is the Camping place, Here
Metaldays Travel and transport:
With MH Travel coaches will depart from all major cities from countries Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, France, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Austria. here:
If you flying to a nearby airport and don\’t know how to get to the Festival There Shutter transfer might be the solution to all your problems there have official Metaldays shutter bus. here:
Or private transfers in fancy cars, where your trip is faster and more comfortable.

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